Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*Now* We're Fighting Doping, Baby!

Amore & Vita Lays Down the Law: yep, fine Italian squad Amore & Vita is the latest to take on losing cause/perpetual scum-weasel Riccardo Ricco, on five conditions--first and most important, he's gotta lose the piercings and that faux-gangsta diamond embedded in his tooth. No !@#$, I swear this is true! Oh, and no syringes. Unless the team authorizes them. Then they're okay. Hey, there's *lots* of reasons to pump drugged-up blood back into your sys--I mean, use an IV to rehydrate after a really, really hot race!

Money (That's What I Want): over in Tour de France news, I see the Tour organizers are reluctantly accepting that CAS has given Alberto Contador the go-ahead to race in July, particularly since the presence of Contador and the prospect of another neverending catfight with Andy Schleck can only be great for publicity and rake in truly huge amounts of dou--that is, since they have no other choice but to suck it up despite their awesome personal commitment to stopping doping in its tracks. Unless Contatwerp can get 'em some new sponsors with deep pockets. And make the Armstrong Tour frenzy look like a cold rainy day at the beach. Hey, what's a little (accidental!) clenbuterol between friends--I've got a new luxury villa in Provence to finance, right?

(No) Beating 'Round the Busche: finally, congrats to surprise new US men's road champ Matthew "I Really Didn't Mean to Sign With RadioSkank" Busche, just nipping a startled George Hincapie at the line mere days after Dave Zabriskie obliterates the competition to take his 656th consecutive US national time trial win. Here's the finale: Now get outta that damn contract, willya!

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