Saturday, May 21, 2011

Euskalteeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!; and, Your Contest Update!

Igor Anton Kicks !@#!: wow, that was a *smashing* ride up Zoncolan for we love Euskaltel-Euskadi's we love Igor Anton--literally leaving a smoking wreck of a burned-out moto in his wake--an unfortunate grind for Scarponi, and a noble attempt by Vincenzo Nibali. Woo-hoo Igor! And while it's nice Contador took second and all--and I'm not trying to slag on the boy here--am I the only one who thought he was actually kind of a !@#$ for pointlessly attacking Nibali the last few hundred meters? I mean, it's not like he owed Nibali any favors, as Nibali seemed to think earlier on the climb, but still--you're already kicking him in the nuts on GC, was it *necessary* to put on the steel-toed boots at the end? In other news, no thanks to the race organizers for chopping out the last-minute substitute Cat-2 climb to avoid a planned protest by the tifosi for the (not unreasonable--why wouldn't the boys still be frightened?) decision to cut out the fearsome Crostis--what a wussy way to handle it, don't you at least have the guts to dive onto the protesters personally to crush 'em like ants like Hinault did when that unwashed commie rabble-rouser tried to interrupt that Tour de France podium? Not to mention screwing up the riders' plans even worse! Anyhoo, it's another day of agony tomorrow, folks, with the 18% gradient of the Passo Fedaia sure to make some already tired legs audibly scream. Here's the route:

And here's Anton today!

We Have a Winner; And, It's Week 3 of the Contest, Baby!: and, with many thanks to our intrepid contest entrants, I've officially drawn from the Holy Once-Eroski Cycling Cap o' Destiny, and our winner, with the correct answer of either "0" or "Like they'd bust anyone?" is--James! James, kindly check your email to claim your prizes and name your insult moratorium! Everyone else--enter here to make your predictions for the Giro podium, and Win Free Stuff Part Tre!


Rosemary said...

So sad to hear...
Spanish cyclist Xavier Tondo was killed in a freak accident in which he was crushed between his car and a garage door at a ski resort in southern Spain.

racejunkie said...

Thank you for posting that Rosemary. A tribute is now up on the site.