Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Your Week 3 Contest Winner(s); and, (Temporary) Congrats to Alberto!

Yep, as Alberto Contador holds onto the final maglia rosa for the moment til UCI beats him down and forcibly removes it as soon as the CAS verdict comes out, and Michele Scarponi waits patiently for his chance to verbally abuse Contador in the press in the finest tradition of Italian-peloton whining, it's time to announce our Week 3 2011 Giro d'Italia Win Free Stuff Contest Winner: with the correct answer of "Are you even *watching*?", it's treasured reader Anne! Anne, check your email so I can get your mailing info for your cap and stickers, and enjoy your Two-Week Rider Insult Moratorium!

And, It's Another Winner!: well, I'm out of caps for this year, but as a special bonus prize to the only reader to pick Euskaltel climbing god we love Igor Anton for the podium (shut up! I picked him right after his colossal stage win! Aren't you *relieved* he doesn't recover like a freak?), it's a passel of stickers and another Two-Week Rider Insult Moratorium for: Karl! Karl, check your email, and name your lucky rider!

Well folks, that's the contest for this year, and thanks to all for taking part--next up, the it's the 2011 Racejunkie Giro d'Italia Awards!

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Anne said...

Yessss, I got my cap today and it saved what would otherwise have been a really really shitty monday. I'll be the coolest girl in Alpe d'Huez this July ;)