Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nice Guys Finish First (Unless You're...oh, Forget It!)

Bjarne, Give That Boy a *Raise*!: all right, yesterday's stage on the strade bianche was, in fact, truly epic. And while even posing nekkid with a saddle coyly in front of his works wasn't enough to bring Pippo Pozzato the win, and whatever one thinks of Vino's bad-!@# current performance at the Giro, Cadel Evans was truly a class act both on the road and in his uncharacteristically light-hearted post-race tweet, though I'm still not convinced, as he lost yet another teammate today, that he's not bound to be completely screwed in the third week anyway as he soldiers on all alone. But for my money, what was really rewarding was Chris Anker Sorensen's win on the Terminillo, in large part because, not only was the team mechanic entertaining as all heck to watch screaming his head off at Sorensen the last 2 kilometers, but unlike so very many riders, who shall remain nameless 'cause they can afford better lawyers than I, who breeze up mountains totally solo looking like they've just returned from a day sunning at the beach, our hero's face today looked pretty well the entire climb as if he were alternately being flogged, kicked, constipated and run over by a team bus, and he still stuck it out for the win. Bjarne, you've snagged your new sponsor, give the boy the homage he's due--and Chris, when I say "homage," I mean "next year's paycheck!"

Heart-Attack Headline o' the Day: all right, Universal Sports. Bad enough that I've paid you 15 bucks to see the last 6 minutes of race coverage at your random convenience when your website consistently says it's live for ages before I can actually get it, which I then end up having to watch on Gazzetta TV instead anyway, but what the !@$$ was with today's spazz-on-a-stick headline "Nibali Crashes Out"? No, he didn't, you nimrods--he *crashed* yesterday, but was still *in* the race. Anyone else already "out" of the Giro that you'd like to tell us about? Cadel? Vino? Ivan? Well, if he really can't pick it up a la the old days, maybe...

An Amgen EPO ToC Preview: no, I can barely stand it, but if this is the price I have to pay for seeing Levi's last race this season not being openly !@#$!-slapped plus hearing the perfect commentary of Phil and Paul--and because Jens is riding, of course--I guess I'm willing to pay it: here's what to expect the next few days as Dave Z hopefully gives Levi a run for his money and sweetly reformed big Tom Boonen beats that ego-on-wheels Cavendish at least once. Speaking of Levi, many belated thanks to Steevo for pointing out Levi's apparent long-ago lapse in jailbait judgment on the issue of performance-enhancement, which leaves me, so far as I can tell, with three options: (1) acceptance; (2) denial; and (3) hypocrisy. As one can surmise, and as my resolute fandom for Roberto Heras has trained me so well to do, I'm going for (2) and (3). Allez allez Levi--and who knew they put that !@#$ in Gatorade back then anyway?

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