Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Losing Pick o' the Day; and, Don't !@#$ With Robbie!

Forza!: yes, my losing pick of the day is, for nationalist reasons even tho I'm not even actually Italian, Alessandro Petacchi. Dai Ale-Jet! Why this pick's a dog: after yesterday's mechanical debacle, Robbie "Head-Butt" McEwen's gonna be out for revenge, tho' since he won't personally have a mechanic any longer having chewed him up into mulch after the time trial, that minor detail will work against him. Here's the last 27 seconds of his mechanic's life on this earth:
Either way, stay the !@#$ out of his way, honey!


Mary said...

Wow - I missed that in the coverage. Yeah, I'd definitely duck and cover if I had screwed up Robbie's bike!

And if I may: YAY TYLER!!!!!!! I was sure they had jumped out too soon, but it's hard to tell with the lousy camera angles. So I was particularly thrilled to see Tyler take this stage!

Tom said...

are we taking up a collection for the mechanic's wife and kids? He actually deserved to be murdered, but that isn't their fault.