Sunday, June 01, 2014

It's Our 2014 Giro d'Italia Racejunkie Win Free Stuff Contest Part Tre Winner! and, Insults! #giro

Well, it's been an exciting Giro--and since no one got the podium quite right, I tossed all the entries into the Holy Crap Ted King Gave Me This Cannondale Cap o' Bitchinness, and we've got our 2014 Racejunkie Giro d'Italia Contest Week Tre Winner, Sonnyboy! Sonnyboy, check yer email to claim yer prizes--congrats and thanks to all for playing, I hope you try again next year!

It's Our Insult Rider Moratorium Update!: and, I think I forgot to mention our prior contest winners' Two Week Rider Insult Moratorium pics, so lucky for you Mauro Santambrogio and, in a twist, a Rider Insult Have-At-It for bitter preying mantis Brad Wiggins, who's been publicly waffling about whether or not he's gonna ride the Tour de France of course in faithful service of defending champ/teammate Chris Froome, which, luckily, has been all but settled by Wiggo's 2012-lieutenant/beeyotch Chris' cheerful new autobio accusing winner Brad of being an unbearable erratic male-menopausal suck-climber prima-donna snot. Don't worry Brad, if you decide to eat your ego and go help Chris anyway, *and* he manages to fend off a Tinkov-whipped Contador and weight-of-a-nation Nibali, I'm sure he'll be just as good a sport as you were and pay you yer teammates cut--like you, only after Brailsford threatens to break his spindly kneecaps, but hey, what's a year between friends?

Oh, and Here's the Bangin' Giro d'Italia Theme Song Again--so Pedala!:

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