Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Movistar Takes the High Road! Froomey Throws It Down! And, Enter Our Giro Contest! #Giro

Pink It Was Love At First Sight: well, Team Movistar sure worked fast to make peace and head off the howling for Nairo Quintana's stage (or at least descent) neutralization: before the podium babes' lipstick was wiped off Nairo's cheek, Movistar skipped the subtle glow of a single maglia rosa for a full-on total-pimp screw-you-losers, bathing our new race leader in pink helmet, eyeglasses, wheels, bib shorts, bar tape, shoes, bike, and who knows what the hell else he's hiding. Way to calm everybody down, you jackwagons! So maybe a few guys refused to shake hands with him, how bad can it be having an entire peloton out to destroy you--hey, with any luck, Hesjedal'll just burn up the uphill time trial, and they'll just turn on him instead!

Nah, Nah, I Beat You!: How little has defending Tour de France champ Chris Froome got to hide--or how much does he think he *can* hide? Enough to twit bemoaning the lack of unannounced doping controls at the TdF faves' high-altitude training playground in Tiede! Worried about how the competition's doing, are we? Anyway, at least if the narcs are buggin' you guys up there, they'll be too busy to search your grandma's houses--and as Lance Armstrong so often pointed out, you couldn't beat the tests if you tried, so why *not* invite the UCI vampires over for a nice visit if you got nothin' to hide!

Now *That's* a Trophy!: fond as I am of the little stuffed garanimal given the Giro stage winners by delectable sponsor Balocco wafers, I'm giving Best Prize o' the Week to the fine Tour of Belgium, which not only anointed we love Tom Boonen with a sorely-needed win today, but gave him a giant beer keg to celebrate with. Carbs, right, cyclists need carbs--just give tomorrow's winner some frites, and we've got a party goin' on! Here, Tommeke grabs the win from Andre Greipel--hell, let's *all* take a swig o' that to toast him with!

Predict the Giro and Enter to Win!: brave enough to call the Giro d'Italia podium? Need a bangin' stylish cycling cap to cover your tragically un-Kittel-like locks? Well enter here! to win cool stuff--because Samuel Sanchez is still in the Giro and the Euskaltel fans are still out in the freezing cold in full orange and waving Basque flags--what more could one want in life?

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