Friday, May 09, 2014

It's the 2014 Racejunkie Giro d'Italia Win Free Stuff Contest!

Why?: Like I'm gonna run this thing during the Tour?

What?: You answer the question o' the week correctly by my standards, I put yer name along with the other poindexters' into either the Holy Once-Eroski Cap o' Destiny, the We Still Love Euskaltel Cap o' Perpetual Mourning, or the I Still Keep Calling Them Liquigas Cannondale Cap o' Confusion, I pick a name without peekin' (honest!), and you win! I email you to find out where the send the prize, I don't pimp your info to anyone else like a goon, you gain eternal glory, and I send you yer prizes--that's it!

The Rules: Yeah, yeah, there's the legalese on the site--basically, I can change whatever I want whenever I want, which I really don't plan to do barring some eejit catastrophe on my part, and you're nice and sportsmanlike about it if that happens or I otherwise screw up. And if the cap isn't here yet right when you win, cut me some slack buddy they're a-comin'!

The Prizes: A smashing custom-embroidered racejunkie cycling cap, one of only 3 of its kind on the planet! A passel o' spiffy racejunkie stickers to flaunt yer pride (or shame)! And, for the sensitive tifosi among you--and believe me, this is a toughie for me every freakin' year--an incredibly long and totally sincere two-week rider insult moratorium on yer fave peloton studpup!

Where: Enter here, fellow Giro freaks--and good luck!

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