Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's the Alpe d'Hell With That!; and, Yer Paranoid Conspiracy Theory o' the Week #tdf

You Know The Nearer Your Destination The More You're Slip-Sliding Away: First, nice ride Froomey, right on Cadel for promising some fireworks in the Alps, and bummer for poor young Mollema. Tomorrow's alleged parcours: 2 trips up the legendary Alpe d'Huez, and Chris "Prima Donna Rising" Froome, who fears no attack, is already demanding that one trip up and down the mountain be eliminated which, totally coincidentally, would only further serve to totally insulate him from any GC threat that frankly right now doesn't even remotely exist. Well, at least Froome bitches for a purpose! Tomorrow's forecast: rain, hail and fog on the Alpe, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, a plague o' mosquitoes and a geological-era-ending meteor strike on the rest of the course. Oh, just pull on a vest and suck it up, you whiners--you guys got helmets, the hail'll bounce right off your heads!

Not As Good As the "I Was Boinking My Girlfriend Excuse", But Close: and, in actual-tested-dirty-doper news, Tour of Turkey winner Mustafa Sayar, who got busted for EPO, claims his poz is a giant French conspiracy so one of *their* riders'll win the race. Uh, not to discount the importance and beauty of the fine Tour of Turkey here, but if the French'd frame another rider for *anything*, doesn't it stand to reason they'd do it for the, well, Tour de *France*? Y'know, it's a bike race, in France, it lasts three weeks, they haven't won it for even a quarter century, it's a pretty big deal over there, I hear tell....

Free Euskaltel!: and, slammin' ride by the younger Izagirre brother today, and Samu's ready to take on Giro champ Nibali at the Vuelta. Send me (or them) dough to Save Our Carrots!

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Velocodger said...

The Team Sly pussies tried their level best to cancel the col de Sarenne. I've done it, and if I can get my clumsy ass down that mountain, they can too. Formula One racers go supersonic in the rain, so I hope our current generation of superstar supersissies can go downhill in the wet without rolling umbrella girls to keep them dry.
Neither mutant physiology nor the best doping program in the world helps descending. If the Tour de Dopage wants to just go uphill, they'll lose everyone who watches it, except for the Brit flag-wavers of course.