Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Your Giro d'Italia Rest Day Roundup!

Yep, Brad's still whinging about the time trial, Nibali's still being ultra-complimentary--or cagey--towards his rivals, and it's time for our first 2013 Giro d'Italia rest day roundup! The score:

1. Being able to win a whole freakin' Grand Tour because you're basically a time trial specialist is bull!@#$. What next, the !@#$in' sprinters are gonna be on the final podium for GC and the climbers are just gonna be fighting for crappy stage wins?

2. Weather. What the hell is this, Belgium? Throw in a !@#damn tornado and suck Wiggins to the top of the Stelvio whydontcha? It's the only way he's gonna make it up to the top if Rigoberto Uran bushwhacks his own team leader anyway...

3. Michele Scarponi being this high on GC just plain creeps me out. Like Valverde, with a glaring-er team kit!

4. Angel Vicioso is one Stuey O'Gradian hard-man. Finishing a stage with three broken ribs, a broken wrist, a cracked scapula, and one nasty all-body bruising? We're not worthy, we're not worthy!

5. Come on, Sky. Yes, every worthy GC contender needs faithful domestiques who stay faithful; hell, I'm still irked by Damiano Cunego hosing over Gilberto Simoni in like 1906. But you're just setting yourself up for more Froomeian scorn here. Let Henao & Uran off the leash sometime!

6. Alexandre Vinokourov--and by extension, of course, Vincenzo Nibali--is running one smart race. And, I'm disgusted to say, I still love 'im from the core of my dirty, dirty little soul. Way to go Vino, and forza, forza Lo Squalo!

7. Don't be an ass, Wiggins. You don't "descend like a girl." You descend like a Schleck.

8. So Ryder's human. !@#$ off!

9. So Samu' is human. !@#$ off!

10. Cav's got me convinced: even without a reliably functioning lead-out train, he is just the fastest SOB on the planet. Did I mention he won our week-one contest's Two-Week Rider Insult Moratorium?

Tomorrow: up. GC contenders, enjoy!


Rosemary said...

Has Marianne Vos weighed in on Wiggins' comment?

racejunkie said...

Not that I could find--but her supporters were sure fired up for a down-hill face-off!

Rosemary said...

She would kick his skinny ass for sure!