Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brad Wiggins' Greatest Hissy Fits; and, We Have a Winner!

Yes, yesterday was a momentous day in the time trial, with Nibali and Cadel doing great, Ryder faltering, and we love Samu doing even, well--go to hell, he's just saving his energy for a stage win dammit! But you know what happened, and you also know that today is gonna be a hilly and exciting day in the saddle. So in the meantime, in homage to Brad Wiggins, a celebration of his Greatest Ever Bike Race Hissy Fits:

1. 2009 World Road Championships: track god Brad hampered by a crap bike in the time trial. Aw, his first recorded bike toss--how cute!

2. 2012 Tour de France: Bradley lost the stage and boy, does he hate cameras! He sure can cuss though:

3. 2012 Tour de France: he ain't no stinkin' doper--c!@#s! I give the hell up trying to find the video link, so here's the text. Heck, Lance denied it--why should Brad's defense be any less true!

4. 2013 Giro del Trentino: the most precise bike throw ever:

5. Thanks for Your Concerns: look, even I'm willing to give Brad a bit of a pass on this, as he was, to be fair, pissed, freaked, and in pain. And, the guy *did* apologize. Still, though--way to show the love for your concerned, adoring, ginormous-paycheck-justifying fans, Wiggo!

6. And, a Remarkable Act of Discretion: me, if some perv grabbed my sweaty nether garments as some twisted souvenir, I'd freak. Brad, however, admires the enterprise: Swiping shorts, cool; mechanical problems, doping accusations--stand out of striking distance, we get it!

Finally, congrats to Karl, our Week 1 Win Free Stuff Contest Winner, for being the only one to tag Astana as the reigning maglia rosa at the end of week 1! Karl, check yer e-mail to claim yer prize, and thanks to all for playing!

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Karl said...

I think has a link to Wiggins throwing down his Boldie that got the flat tire during the ITT, then going back to get the water bottle. You'd think he'd be a little more careful with a custom who knows how much one-off Pinarello, but I guess not.