Sunday, July 29, 2012

Torrents, Tactics, and Vicious Kicks: Marianne Vos Wins Gold!

Wow, was the women's road race about 8 thousand times more interesting than the men's--4 hours of relentless attacks, intermittent then finally steady downpours, multiple pileups, a Cancellarian skid to the barriers at the exact same spot, the Most Crap Timed Mechanicals In All of Olympic History, and, despite a really surging Lizzie Armitstead, Marianne Vos' phenomenally nasty kick to the line. Cav my !@#! Anyway, deeply bummed for Shelley Olds and her disastrous flat (but was anyone else worried there seeing Vos adjust her shoe in the last few k?), shocked that the peloton let those 4 gap more'n an inch in the first place, congrats to Armitstead for the Brits' first medal this Games, smashingly impressed by Olga Zabelinskaya who had no business at all in that sprinter's break but still bagged the bronze, I was really rooting for Bronzini, but let's suck it up, the best woman won--Vos you total beast, your bad-luck streak is over, wear that medal with pride you earned it!

Next up: the men's and women's time trial. Anyone else up for watching Kristin Armstrong wipe that disappointment (and mud) off her face?

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Joe said...

gotta say, much more inspiring than vino's win.

olds' mechanical was a real bummer but great to see vos pull it off.

vos rocks- she is a machine and an inspirational athlete.

(too bad their course only included 2 times up box hill... sort of an insult to women's cycling if you ask me)