Saturday, July 09, 2011

What the !@#$ Is Wrong With You, Johan?

It's Not That Important: look, it's cycling. I get the pain thing. You're a bloody wreck, you broke something of moderate usefulness, no one wants to bail on the Greatest Show on Earth, you suck it up and go on. And sure, before I hear any crap, it's easy to Monday-morning quarterback. But !@#$, people, particularly after what has already happened in the peloton this year--including the latest difficult news about Mauricio Soler's cognitive state--if you are telling the cameras that you personally were aware someone whacked his head into the asphalt during the race and immediately then, thereafter, and at the end of the !#@$ing stage didn't know where he was, what he was doing, what was happening, or how he got there, you really think it's okay to let him continue to ride for what--pride, GC, respect for the race? Or if your crash-smacked sprinter has a pre-race pounding headache and vomiting, and two riders from completely different teams are worried enough to track down your DS to tell you he's barely functioning and they're worried, today seems like a great day for a bike ride? What's more, if any of these guys had crashed again--and let's recall how many perfectly alert riders go down on any given day-- this could've been an even worse discussion. This video is just damn chilling. Luckily, both Chris Horner and Tom Boonen seem to be safely on the mend, and best wishes to both for a full and speedy recovery. Damn, squads--keep some perspective, please!

And, Yer Question o' the Day: okay, end of sanctimonious polemic. Am I the only one who thinks that--and no, we're not in his terrain yet--Contador just ain't lookin' that good out there?


Doug said...

Is bike racing the new boxing?

heliotrope said...

Finally...not an outraged word on any site except yours. Absolutely with you about this. Really freaked me out to see Horner post-race.

The truly amazing thing about Chris is he was still smiling (as always). Thanks again for writing what I've been thinking regarding these recent events.

PS. Been following you forever...just never felt up to commenting...until now.