Saturday, July 02, 2011

Well, *That* Was Lively!

And, my entire post this morning is now entirely irrelevant, because tho' the boys have barely left the team bus, Cadel Evans is in total control, and Andy Schleck, Ivan Basso, and damn near everyone else has got a cool 1:14 on Alberto Contador, held back by a smashingly stupid Astana/spectator crash and, I think, making it virtually imperative that the race organizers institute a new rule immediately leashing the fans as well as dumb-crash usual suspects, their dogs. So while Bjarne sez he's unconcerned, Contador, presumably, is going all Armstrong on him for letting him hang back that far in the bunch anyway--and jeez, Bjarne, what the !@#$ *were* you thinking, it's like only BMC had the brain trust in the team cars this morning!--and Frank's gonna mark Alberto like dog on fire hydrant to make sure he doesn't get much more'n an occasional stage win. Me, I think this sucks--love Contador or hate him, the boy can bring on the excitement, and if we're all gonna have a giant paranoiac wheel-sucking contest in the Alps, you might as well just wake us in Paris. And before he even gets to celebrate--!@#$ up Lance! Oh well, the French are happy--now instead of figuring out why you still can't win your own home Tour, you can boo Andy for 3 weeks like whiny little beeyotches instead!

Oh, look--here's the first photos of Contador on the team bus back to the hotel--
Cheer up, squirt--after all, it can only get better from here!

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