Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Mint Milano (-Sanremo)

Gossie, Gossie, Gossie, Oy, Oy, Oy!: wow, what a wham-bang of a finish at Milano-Sanremo! I gotta say, I had Cancellara pegged, but without a long flat finishing straight the man just ran out of road--compliments all 'round to rising Aussie star (and, natch, our beloved Aussie reader(s)) Matt Goss on a truly smashing sprint! Of course, I was crushed to see O'Grady fade, and no-one was gonna let Philippe Gilbert get any space--much to his particular rage when Pippo Pozzato chased him down. And Cav, at least today you can plausibly say it was that crash--whew! Here's the finale and then some:

Perfetto!: speaking of Milano-Sanremo, what would today's race mean without fine comparative footage of the 1922 edition? You want some translation, let me know. So, for your viewing pleasure:
Wah, wah, "strade bianche," wah--check this !@#$ out!

What An Ass: okay, no sleek taglines for me on this one--Pat "Dick" McQuaid is just, if I may diplomatically say, a total wanker. Why? Because, rather than address the actual merits of the pro-race radio argument--which, since Jens Voigt sez so, must be both many and persuasive no matter what my ignoramus carcass thinks--he used his "open letter to the riders" on the race radio situation to not only insult Jens himself--for which he deserves, though I am personally a pacifist and do not advocate any sort of wildlife-driven vengeance, to be eaten alive by rabid wolverines--but also to fatuously accuse them of being brainless saps (okay, let's be fair, he got a few of 'em there) whose heads have been totally manipulated by their self-interested teams. Which is funny, 'cause I thought the only thing the teams were manipulating was the riders' blood values--ba-dum-bum! Thank you very much, folks, I'm in the Catskills every Tuesday night...

What A Maroon: finally, no post would be complete without some half-wit testing poz for something, so many thanks for "reformed" scum-weasel/hypocrite tattle-taler Patrik Sinkewitz for coming up with the goods on HGH. Y'know, I *knew* that crap could cause some facial-bone growth as a side effect, but honest, I couldn't even tell: Lookin' good, Pat!


Rosemary said...

At least Sinkewitz made a name for himself in cycling!

Seahorse said...

I'm Australian, and I always check your blog. Love it...and loved Goss winning. I'm sad though that you didn't write a post about Klodi's win. I was expecting affectionate high comedy. I rely on you for this!

Tusher said...

What a fantastic race that was!

Even if Cav did have an off day. He was so supportive and appeared genuinely chuffed for Goss though.