Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easy Rider (At Least 'Til CAS Nails His !@#)

Enjoy It While It Lasts, Contador!: yep, after a triumphal queen stage for Alberto over at the Volta a Catalunya (and not to spoil yer party, honey, but y'know, if you're trying to prove your innocence on doping charges, ostentatiously dropping the rest of the Tour de France contenders like a rock on a vicious climb don't exactly *help* yer case), UCI's announced it is in fact appealing the Spanish cycling fed's impressive exoneration of Alberto Contador to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The reasoning: UCI wants the "best decision" for "us, for Contador, and for the whole sport of cycling." Um, am I the only who thinks we're talkin' diametrically opposite interests here? In Contador's favor: cyclists--and even those hard-core steroid-stuffed Olympic ping-pong athletes--are getting off left and right these days for the inadvertent ingestion of Clenbuterol through loaded syring--um, tainted meat. Not in Contador's favor: well, pretty much everything else, particularly UCI's death-ray focus on showing that, between rider protests, revelations of half-million dollar Lance Armstrong gifts, shameless press-whoring, and, as the teams threaten to set up their own competing race league, its grievous losses in the Sissy-Boy Slap-Fight Superbowl, it hasn't been completely emasculated this year. Well, good luck with that, Alberto--and !@#dammit, Contador, I *told* you to cut that snotty "Pistolero" crap--you *know* if you keep pokin' at your brother in the back seat, he's gonna tell Mom!


Paul Ilechko said...

I think you have it backwards here. Contador *must* be clean right now, or he is an absolute idiot, and he is still dropping the top riders on a hard climb. Which really just goes to show that he doesn't need any stinking drugs.

PJ said...

I agree with Paul---Contador must be clean right now. And, is he not an exciting rider? And, may I add, I keep hoping that the cow with all the clen will show up.

racejunkie said...

Oh, all *right* you guys! I'll always be fond of the little rugrat for riding with the notoriously clean Liberty Seguros and certainly seeing him at a local bike shop appearance with Roberto Heras before he was "ALBERTO CONTADOR" was a peach. And of course, particularly since he *is* so exciting to watch, who can begrudge anyone who makes Lance Armstrong look like an !@#?

Tom said...

He must be clean? Transfusions of one's own blood are still nearly impossible to detect, as are micro doses of EPO if you don't test withing a short time of the doses (which is the real reason why riders like Andy Schleck hate the idea of 24 hour testing).

Is he exciting? Hell yeah. But he's not less dirty. He's just sticking with the least detectable methods.

Of course, he thought low levels of clen were undetectable, too. Oopsy.