Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh, Just Suck It *Up* Already, Tour de France!

Yet Another Reason The Giro Makes the Tour Look Like a Pack of Petty Grandstanding Prima Donnas: so, as the news sinks in that Astana rightly gets to ride the Giro, and that we love Andreas Kloden is jacked *again* out of a likely Grand Tour win despite his own handsome win at Romandie, this time by the team's inability to build their training around the race (although I must confess that, in his little interview with Vs., I couldn't help feel a wee bit skeptical as our ex-T-Mobile hero waxed so poetic on being on a clean team at last), the tifosi over at Gazzetta dello Sport, happy to see the Giro become even more competitive and duly lauded for its total greatness, still have only one real question: "you're letting a pack of foreigners into our Giro and leaving out STEFANO GARZELLI?!" Right on tifosi, I call bull!@#$ RCS! Still, that doesn't stop the fans from giving credit where credit is due: while Klodi may be the team leader on paper as Levi and Alberto express doubt about their form, and Danilo Di Luca remains the hometown fave over such fine GC contenders as Simoni, Ricco, and Savoldelli, at the moment, according to the latest poll over at Tuttobici, they're banking on little Contador to take home the whole show. Come on Tour de France, pony up with the invite already--despite your own natural and reasonable desire to completely !@#$ over Levi Alberto Contador Johan and Klodi for stuff they had absolutely nothing to do with, can't you give the boys a fighting chance by letting 'em prep Contador for the Tour and at least let Levi get ready to take on the Vuelta so each of these boys can get their shot at a podium?

Team High Horse, Indeed: and, thinking of T-Mobile, I can't help note that it seems awfully funny that even after mighty clean-sport crusader Bob Stapleton rode in on his white steed to purge the magenta filth pit in '07, there were apparently a giant wunk of major-euro payments to the dirty dope-stuffing Freiburg docs the year he'd already stepped in to take control. Oh, I'm sure the shiny new squad was simply honoring the previous cheating-weasel management's installment plan...

Quote o' the Week (and lacking stenographic skills or perfect memory, I paraphrase): from we love Phil Liggett during Sunday's Tour of Romandie coverage, discussing Oscar Pereiro's performance: "Of course, he's going to have to do a lot better than that, if he hopes to win another Tour de France, if indeed he won one in the first place." Right on Phil, and forza Floyd!

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