Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Alexander Vinokorouv's Olympic Training and Medical Intervention Center

Vino's Playhouse: so I see Alexander Vinokorouv, lately jobless over some trifling blood doping hoo-ha in which he completely screwed the stellar casualty Andreas Kloden at the Tour so go to hell you soulless selfish bastard, is turning his remaining euros and his attention to the building of a gigantic state-of-the-art Olympic training center in his home stomping grounds in Kazakhstan, with surely a similarly spectacular, if hopefully more discreet, in-house medical clinic stocked with all the absolutely non-performance-enhancing equipment a woefully uncompetitive athlete in the prime of his or her career might need. Hell, why bother schlepping to someplace like Spain, if your reckless stupid ex-manager is only gonna make you look bad to the press when you're clearly pure as snow?

Hope You Read the Fine Print: and, in a lively article in Velonews, new Astana hire Chris Horner starts off his relationship with Johan Bruyneel in smashing form, not only suggesting that Lance Armstrong is too much of a control-freak wussbag to have handled the only American unwilling and unable to constantly shriek "thank you sir, may I have another?" while his !@# gets whacked into submission so that's likely why he never signed the boy, but also opining that despite having implied that Postal/Discovery was clearly a doping cheating hellhole when it had still 5 guys pounding away at the front at the top of every single final climb, it didn't *this* year, so he's very impressed with Johan's obvious commitment to clean sport. Um, I really appreciated the entertainment value of Velonews' insult-baiting, but since it truly is a pleasure to watch you ride, you sure you didn't sign anything along the lines of "slag us and you'll be on a plane home faster'n you can say 'retired'?" Allez Chris!

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