Monday, August 04, 2014

Peter Sagan: It's All About the Benjamins (Yeah!)

Pony Up, Tinkov!: so, it seems Oleg Tinkov hasn't *quite* got fan-frenzied babemeister Peter Sagan in the bag just yet: our hero tweeted today his head is "bursting" with thoughts of his future, among them Team Alonso, Astana, *and* Tinkoff-Saxo (Alonso, really?) Translation: pay up, Tinkov, I may have blown the Tour de France but I'm still the hottest man on the market! Oh, Oleg, you shoulda signed 'im when you got the 1000 re-tweets you asked for...

Roman Candle: meantime, after Oleg went on a(nother) twit-rampage over UCI's Kreuziger of poor Roman, his slightly calmer counterpart Stefan Feltrin penned an open letter to the rules-changing scumlords over at UCI, politely blasting new-gen chief Brian Cookson for inconsistency, hypocrisy, and general toolery. Even worse, they're WASTING MONEY PAYING THIS GUY NOT TO RACE, you cash-gouging bastards! Gentlemen and ladies, I think you oughta take this as the raindrop before the hurricane that it is, and free this poor kid to race before Oleg *really* gets pissed. Hell, he's terrifying enough when he's happy--and his boy Alberto's missing the Vuelta, too!

All Hail (No, Really, All Hail) the Peloton: finally, as we love Jens Voigt begins the second-to-last race of his professional career (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) over at the Tour of Utah--with former Giro champ Ivan Basso and Tour winner Cadel Evans on hand, so a pretty smokin' field all round--the Tour of Poland's decided to beat both the Giro's pathetic snow, sleet, and freezing temps *and* the weakling Vuelta's sunspot immolation by pounding the riders with hail and sending the cold-soaked boys painfully to the tarmac. Wah, wah, you're hit with plunging balls of rock-sized ice, wah--don't you guys know that soccer players play when it SPRINKLES out?! And that sometimes other guys BRUSH INTO THEIR ANKLES?! Quit yer cryin' you babies!

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