Friday, June 10, 2011

Alberto, Not Again!

Now He's Bionic: yep, just when you thought all Alberto Contador had to contend with is a bunch of babies accusing of cheating the entire peloton by clenbuterol microdosing, now there's (wholly speculative and unsupported) allegations from the French that the child is mechanically bike-doping in the mountains, based, it seems, on (1) his suspiciously changing bikes at critical points in the Giro and (2) that long wire attached to a battery pack that Bjarne Riis sticks into Contador's top tube whenever he goes back to the team car for a "water bottle." Um, isn't it possible this is just a cheap-shot tactic to draw attention away from the fact that, a few stellar guys excepted, the French lately just plain suck? Hey--look--I think Andy Schleck's got spikes on his derailleur to take out the wheels of his competitors--that must be why we haven't won the Tour in 20 years!

Sportsmanship o' the Year Award: meantime, I see none other than Lance superenabler/RadioSkank overlord Johan Bruyneel says he thinks Contador is innocent and ought to ride the Tour de France, which is not only a gesture of great and benevolent kindness to his former wayward protege, but also, it can be surmised, an easy proclamation to change his mind on and immediately accuse the little !@#$%%$& of doping and destroying Lance and Johan's innocent faith should Alberto actually win the Tour again. Y'know, I am still dearly rooting for Levi--but Johan and his Machiavellian cadre of minions, not so much!

Forza, Ivan!: finally, though there may well be doubts at this point of the wisdom of Ivan Basso ditching his defense of the Giro in pursuit of his ever-elusive and Op-Puerto disrupted dream of the Tour de France, I gotta say, based on his Dauphine Ivan really got hosed by that crap training crash on Mt. Etna a few weeks back, and I'm exceedingly hoping, at least for livening-up-the-usual-Alberto-Andy-battle purposes, he rides into form enough in the first week of the Tour to keep himself a genuine threat for the podium. Or, accident aside, it could just be his regular-innocent-guy blood values causing the "problem"--what the heck was that stuff Schleck and those guys were mixing into their sports drinks again?


PJ said...

I am faithfully rooting for Contador! His word is, isn't it, as trustworthy as all those around him who constantly look for something to condemn, criticize and accuse?

RK said...

I'm thinking that Mr. Basso is merely training through this race. Why show your hand when it doesn't really count? I'm still predicting that he'll be contending for the 3rd step of the podium come July.