Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You Suck, Yahoo.com!

Clueless Spoiler Wankers: having but a moment this morning before I head off to earn my keep, I wanted to warn both my faithful readers not to check the headlines at yahoo.com, heretofore a safe source of harmless lunchtime news perusal during cycling season in my ardent avoidance of anything that could yap the results before I watch 'em, due to their being an outlet that, despite *years* of viewing on my end, has never *ever* covered cycling at all, and wouldn't know even know Lance Armstrong if he muscled his giant ego right in the idiot CEO's face, much less cover an actual race, and what does it have the sudden freakish desire to do? Right, prominently blare the name of a winner they've never heard of in a stage they've no idea about of a race they couldn't care less about! Y'know, I'm all for the moronic non-cycling press taking interest in this beautiful sport. Hell, I can even tolerate their raging ignorance and stupidity about it, so long as they don't, say, hire Al Trautwig. But given that most of us who actually care about the Tour can only view the 3 hours of coverage we're taping after working hours, you assclowns, you couldn't bury it somewhere so at least you have to search for the results if you want to know 'em? Arrrggggghhhhh!

Oh, and despite Tom Boonen's completely kind words for Gert Steegmans and his profession of total intent for him to take the stage win, I remain convinced that he just couldn't power around his lead-out boy and that he's really in some actual trouble. Sigh. This sort of screw-up would never have happened with Fassa Bortolo's beautiful blue train!

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Christopher said...

Al has been so bad, for soo long, at sooo much ... he's an institution.

It kills me that he still (I remember it from last year) can't read a / as 'slash'. He says 'backslash'.