Monday, July 30, 2007

Tour de Shut the Hell Up About Iban Already Goddammit!

Every Single Human Being On Earth Can Bite Me: yes, I heard, and yes, you can all just blow. I am absolutely certain that this one alleged unproven freak moment of weakness from Iban Mayo, even if true, is merely reflective of the massive psychological pressure our poor fragile flower has been under since all the post-Giro yap about his brilliant return to pre-meltdown form after 3 years of post-beating-Armstrong press-wanking-misery. Frankly, he was better off last year with the cameras jammed up his nose recording his every drop of sweat during every stage's spectacular crack. Dammit people, are we trying to totally make this delicate boy pull a Vandenbroucke and utterly self-destruct?! Back off, you yellow-journalist National-Enquirer-wannabe vulture bastards!

Oh Iban. It didn't even freakin' *work*!

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Shameless St Millar Defender said...

Racejunkie, I feel for ya on this one.
But while everyone else judges our beloved sport so harshly, we can see how its a moment of weakness ( admittedly in some cases, a career of weakness, aka cheating). Read what Jonathan Vaughters and my beloved Millar said the other day (SI article, search Austin Murphy) and you'll see some people do get it, and they do want to change the sport.
I'm more positive on the outlook for the sport than I've been in a long time. I'm sorry Mayo was a casualty on the way; the thing now is to change the culture so what he chose to do is not in future a choice for others.