Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alberto Contador Wins Again; and, A Cautionary Tale for Dipwad Dope-heads

Bang Bang--As Usual!: yep, the charming yet lethal Alberto Contador continues to pay back Bjarne Riis for his faith'n'fidelity, bagging the venerable semi-classic Milano-Torino today against a field including Purito Rodriguez, Ivan Basso, Vincenzo Nibali, and Franco "I Still Miss His Euromullet" Pellizotti, and, as you can see on the clip about 37 seconds in, it's so all over when he attacks on Superga that the news report don't even bother showing the rest: Big gentility points to Alberto for saying Italy is like a "second nationality" for him in the post-race interview, but boys, despite a very fine second from Diego Ulissi, you've still got the Giro di Lombardia Saturday to salvage your national pride, so good luck, and get your !@#es in gear!

It's the Race of the Falling Leaves, Baby!: so, speaking of which, it is indeed the beautiful Giro di Lombardia (now "Il Lombardia") this weekend, and here's the route: On tap so far: 2-time winner and newly-minted (and eager!) World Champ Philippe Gilbert, surprise defender Oliver Zaugg, Liquigas studmuffin Vincenzo Nibali, and a whole host o' Spaniards who know how to whack a climb--full start list to come. Forza Vincenzo--anything that'll start you off on a good footing with yer new boss Vinokourov now is just one more line of defense if you piss 'im off later!

And, Helpful Examples From the Pros: lastly, in an excess of masochism, and also because if I have to hear one more thing about Lance UCI or ASO this week I'm gonna hurl, I find myself randomly wondering what happened to that drug-snorting dopus Riccardo Ricco since his sad exile from the sport, and apparently, kids, it ain't too good: uh-huh, his flashy ol' website's former domain name's for sale, and I imagine it may come cheap. On the plus side, Roberto Heras looks to have a fine sports-training biz nowadays, and we can all see how well Tyler's done of late. So if you're *gonna* be a cheater, o aspiring young weasel--and I sincerely hope you're not-- at least study, study, study, and learn from the guys who get the redemption thing right before you hit the goods for heck's sake!

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