Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tom Boonen's Quote o' the Race

Boonen, on his stupid compatriots blowing the win at Paris-Roubaix by refusing to chase: "There was no co-operation. If you ride with three guys then you close that gap, even on Cancellara; it's not just that this year he has jet engines installed up on his arse." So sweet. Even if Flecha *did* screw you, we still love you, Tom!

A Gentle Plea To Our Victors: look, Cancellara earned it, and deserved it. Even if Thor I'm sure *could* have kicked his !@# with just a few days more recovery time. But much as (American) football has banned those prancing-pony post-touchdown spikes, tennis has cracked down on the primal screaming, and hockey--well, hockey's too busy beating their opponents bloody to put the stop to the occasional adrenalin-driven stick-raise, so must I call for an end, however exuberant and spontaneous, and even by so fine a gent as Cancellara, to the monstrously obnoxious Cav-esque double chest-point:Honey, we *know* it's you!

The Orange Revolution: elsewhere, it was the Klasika Primavera, baby, and, along with such former champs as Heras (shut up!), Sastre, Valverde and Cunego, look who won today!:
And in a dandy touch, big Schleck was in the house. Watch out for July, Valverde--if your ban don't get you, Samuel Sanchez will!


Tusher said...

You are sooo right about the double pointed 'look Mum, it's me' thing. Reminds me of Ricco.

I mean the 'look at me' habit. Although Ricco's pretty odious as well.

Tom said...
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