Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's All About the Pyrenees

The Thorpedo Strikes!: yes folks, if you root for him in every stage, our big Norwegian lug will eventually come through, this time pipping we also love Oscar Freire at the line. Woo-hoo Thor!--but can poor Tom "Sniffy" Boonen's luck this Tour get any lousier? Just have a nice cup of tea and a massage tonight Tommeke, and you'll bounce back all right--but that's *all* you get to have to soothe your wounds, understand?

It's the Mountains, Baby!: and, it's on to Arcalis tomorrow in the first of a trio of days in the Pyrenees, and while I don't want Alberto Contador to unduly wipe himself out ahead of the third week, I *do* want him to kick the crap out of Armstrong in the stage, no matter where in the stage standings he has to do it. Then again, I'd be even happier seeing Klodi (didja see where he is on GC?) kick the crap out of Contador, but one can't have *every* dear wish one hopes for come true, right? Meantime, Cadel has to freakin' do *something*, Menchov's glum DS sez he just hopes Denis can make it through the first mountain stage without actively !@#$ing up, and Carlos Sastre, of course, can do no wrong so if you don't think he can come back from 2-odd minutes back you all just colossaly bite me. And forza, forza big and baby Schlecks--you're just in 25th Frank, don't let it become all about your little brother just yet!

My Eat Crow Moment: finally, a monster shout-out to Shameless St. Millar Defender, and all our beloved Brits, for their boy David's incredibly close, and incredibly brave, breakaway effort today. There, that feels good. Can I go back to abusing him for being a weepy whiny camera-whoring twit now?


randie said...

It's so funny, as I was watching Thor win I thought; rj will be happy. Go THOR!

Anonymous said...

I'd be even happier seeing Klodi (didja see where he is on GC?)

Yes, he's precious! I say Klodi, go for whatever crumbs you can get before you have to start towing people up mountains. sigh

I look for Sastre to do something soon. Although I think they will all try to keep it together for as long as they can, just to conserve energy.

Anonymous said...

July 10 and Contador does what he does best. Vamos Alberto. Forza. Dai.

Tusher said...

Oi, you, Davy Millar- gonnae no dae that again, eh?

My blood pressure has yet to recover, and I had to have a wee lie down afterwards. The cat is in shock because he couldn't work out why I was shouting at the TV and leaping up and down.

It's all too much, what with Cav and Brad as well. Never mind the Olympic gold heist. We're just not used to cycling success.