Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flaying Floyd Landis

Denver Bronco: many thanks to the holders-of-all-knowledge over at trustbutverify, who cite yet another interview I'd never've otherwise heard of with Greg Lemond in a Denver newspaper, this time smacking around poor Floyd Landis for being a pitiable lying cheating skankbag in deep denial over his filthy disgusting dope-fiend habits, with Greg claiming yet again that he valiantly tried to save Floyd from gross self-destruction, saying not only that he lovingly advised the deluded boy that your "lie" is "always there, and it works on you and it works on you," but that he can't see how Landis could've made a "morally conscious" decision to ask other people to give him money to defend himself. Jeez, Greg, can't you just wait for USADA to fry him? Amusingly, Pat "Dick" McQuaid took the opportunity to dope-slap LeMond in response to his earlier having pointed out UCI's egregious and obvious impotence, noting that "LeMond himself is not above suspicion." Ah, the sweet smell of impending slander litigation! Speaking of the Already Deemed Guilty Whether They Actually Are Or Not, I see UCI still hasn't gacked up the promised B sample results on we still love Iban Mayo, which, if they are in fact as expected positive, shows just what a pack of repugnant sadistic wanks they are, if only in that they seem determined to postpone the results long enough to bar him from the, say, 2009 Vuelta, let alone crushing *my* innocent soul. If you've got anything on him, pony up already you wusses!

Justice, Shalt Thou Pursue: And, the Kazakh crusade against the monstrous human rights violations that are unannounced doping controls rages on, as Vinokorouv right-hand man/Vuelta helpmate Andrey Kashechkin's gone all Mother Theresa on UCI, decrying its atrocious intrusion into his "private life" as, clearly, no non-governmental authority has the right to ask anything of anyone, particularly something as outrageous and onerous as a homologous-blood-doping negative test. Aiming for a problem-free shot at the nongovernmental Olympics, are we? I can almost hear the angels singing over this selfless crusade for justice...

Vuelta Note: finally, the clock is ticking down on to the fabulous Vuelta, reminding me yet again that every time I read that Denis "One Hit Wonder" Menchov is the "winner of the 2005 Vuelta," and no-one within miles of the podium in 2006 is remotely in danger of competing this year either, I start to severely itch. Venga Euskaltel, and come back soon (yes, I'm a hypocrite, bite me) Heras!

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mindtron said...

looks like the UCI is finally getting around to reviewing the Puerto dossier - http://www.velonews.com/race/int/articles/13182.0.html