Friday, June 01, 2007

To Both My Faithful Readers

Buona vacanza!: alright, with the Giro nearly over, DiLuca imminently festooned with champagne and podium babes in Milano, and Gibo Simoni with both my stage win and a fabulously gracious set of press quotes for DiLuca in a great (if inadvertent--or is it?) smack to Ivan Basso, I'm off on vacation, and I humbly leave you with this to ponder for the week:

Dopers: Amnesty, or Iron Maiden?


blue squirrel said...

a whole week????
1 of two

Anonymous said...

Hi Racejunkie, this is the David Millar Defender again..
Amnesty, mate, for sure (though I'm not clear I get the Iron Maiden ref).
We need a decisive break with the past and this could be it. Allow former dopers to confess without punishment and we'd know how bad the problem was - and have a clue how bad it might still be because we'll have broken the silence surrounding it.
I think most ex-dopers truly repent and would like to work for a cleaner sport - Riis, Aldag come to mind here - but are often scared of coming out because of the ramifications. The advantage is they know how doping works and what drives people to it. We need that knowledge to police the sport since let's face it, we're not getting it from the UCI.
There are of course those still in some form of denial and I worry in same cases they're running ProTour teams (and keeping v quiet right now). Force the issue into the public arena and we'll force them to clear up. If they don't, they'll have absolutely no defence and I'm happy for them to be banned for life.
Let's move past this problem, in other words. I want to talk about racing and tactics and not have to question everything I see. Which is why I like CSC, T-Mobile and Slipstream for what they're doing. let's build some pressure for others to do likewise.
Whew, that's a bit long. But hey, I feel strongly about this. Hope you've had fun in your week away...