Friday, August 04, 2006

We Love Jens!

So perpetual happy attack dog Jens Voigt took Stage 2 of the Tour of Germany, which is most dandy, and Levi Leipheimer, who either tanked or wisely took it conservatively given the lousy weather in the tt depending on how you look at it, is an entirely recoverable 42 or so seconds back as the boys hit the mountains. Redeem yourself, Levi, and make Gerolsteiner regret letting you go! (to the extent that anyone needs to "redeem" himself after placing 13th in the Tour for goodness' sakes.)

Meanwhile, a surprisingly good crowd is left for the Vuelta despite the Puerto scandal, including the excellent Iban Mayo (and if another freakin' moto crudely sticks its camera in his face on a hard day waiting for him to implode, I'm gonna implode), an on-the-mend Valverde, Tour-shredding Friere, and diplomatic-good-sport Pereiro. Oh right and whats-his-face with Rasmussen on hand to gamely try again to haul his #@$ up the mountains as he was unable to do through no fault of his own in the Tour. Go Mayo!

Oh, Floyd (terzo): I wasn't going to mention him again, but I see he's hired *Tyler's" lawyer now. Oughtn't he choose someone, like Lance's faithful Dobies, who've actually successfully helped somebody beat the rap?

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