Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How Many Times Can I Say It?

So Jens Voigt absolutely smoked the rest of the field during the Tour of Germany time trial, including Levi by well over a minute, and now barring total catastrophe is poised to take the race by upwards of a minute and a half. We're so sorry for Levi, whom we dearly wanted to win in a two-peat and to redeem his iffy Tour, but we love Jens! (I note as an aside that Vinokorouv, who seems a bit stressed about his and the rest of the shamefully-Beloki-less Astana team's rusty form ahead of the Vuelta, came in at a highly respectable fourth in the tt, so perhaps he can relax a bit.)

Speaking of the Vuelta, we love Carlos Sastre has apparently decided to sign on for his third grand tour of the season after crushing himself for the disgraced Basso in the Giro and despite a disastrous final tt and a fine rise to the task of unexpected team leadership by taking fourth (or third) in the Tour. He's going to have Cancellara with him, which will be nice to see, and I hope his legs still have something left--apparently, they do. Hooray! With Mayo and Valverde on hand gunning for glory at home and looking to put their unfortunate Tours behind them, this ought to be a lively Vuelta. Who to root for, who to root for...well, it ain't gonna be Menchov because of Heras (no fault of Menchov, to be fair, but I'm not particularly inclined to be fair) or Vino because of Beloki, so that rather narrows the field!

Oh Floyd: you're off message *already.* The minute you start yapping on Leno how it's possible you ingested something involuntarily, to Americans you might as well have copped to having Lelangue sprinkle testosterone on your Wheaties right in front of you. While Americans will engage in all sorts of stupid conspiracy theories on all sorts of whack-job topics, somehow "unknowingly ingested" just smacks too much of some dessicated dissolute English king bloating in his throne at the dinner trough waiting for some poor sap courier to taste his food for him then promptly keel over dead, poisoned in some nefarious plot--a nice medieval fairy tale. Stick to the script, Floyd!

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