Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm Not Talking About It

Except for Pereiro's comments in El Pais that he feels 99% like the champion of the Tour. I can't blame him, but it's still devastating. I can barely even be happy that this puts the very fine little mountain goat Sastre back on the podium in third. And now that the wolves, previously merely snuffling about, are now actively baying about the whole thing, would they kindly shut the %$^ up?

You Suck, Vinokorouv!: So Vinokorouv, I mean Astana,'s announced his lineup for the Vuelta, which includes accused but cleared dopers Alberto Contador and Sergio Paulinho but not accused but cleared doper Joseba Beloki. He's also nowhere in sight for any of Astana's other upcoming events. He better have goddamned asked to be excluded, or be heinously discombobulated by a seriously unpleasant saddle sore, or otherwise injured or sick, because despite the up-and-coming Contador's obvious abilities I don't see the rest of the lineup, fine as they are, justifying tanking proven quantity Beloki. Accuse him and fire him or use him already, you wuss!

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