Tuesday, July 25, 2006

T-Mobile's A Class Act

Sporting move by T-Mobile to notify Jan Ullrich of his sacking by fax machine--apes. I don't care if Ullrich was snorting doping products in the start house at the time trial (though I do care that his lawyers are idiots for not even writing some lame letter of self-defense by T-Mobile's arbitrary prove-it-or-lose-it deadline--who gave these schmoes a license?), he's done them a fair bit of service over the years as I recall and they might have fired him with a bit more spine and gentility. And has anyone even remembered that Oscar Sevilla was fired as well? I'm sad about it anyway.

Speaking of doping, was anyone else slightly creeped out by Tyler and his wife's spirited video defense on OLN? He should've just handled it alone, it somehow had that disconcerting Yoko Ono blame-the-bitch feeling. And while I'm at it, can we please take the ridiculous hypocritical redemptive love-orgy around St. Millar down a notch?

End of rant. I'm happy that Landis resigned with Phonak, and wonder what's going to happen with Vino and Astana. And goodbye Eki--and thank you!

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