Monday, July 17, 2006

rats--forgot to mention...

that poor Discovery ex-GC-but-still-stage-hopeful Paolo Savoldelli, whacked with allergies in the Giro, also got whacked sort-of-a-la-Sandy-Casar with an idiot spectator, and had to withdraw with a pack of stitches in his face after a dizzy next morning. Apparently, he and some others decided to descend the pla de beret at the end of the day in the post-race madness instead of waiting for the team buses, and met up rather fast and hard with a Tour fan. Having descended a mountain after a Giro stage at only about a mile an hour on a bike in the middle of a thousand zooming motos, assorted campers and autos, amateur cicliste and approximately nine million tanked pedestrians, I can't imagine what the hell these boys were thinking, but then of course I'm not a cyclist, and these are pros who can routinely zip at 60 mi an hour without blinking down humungous Alps in the middle of a pack of other race gods gunning for stage wins without killing themselves, but I suppose it just goes to show even they can never underestimate the reckless stupidity and sheer bad placement of a fan (and I say this fondly, having been one.) Can Discovery have any crappier luck this Tour? Notwithstanding Popo's triumph-- bad question.


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