Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh no, Carlos!

I know I ought to be all thrilled over Landis' yellow jersey, and I'm sure I will be tomorrow, but the win was decided the other day already, and right now I'm just flat as a pancake over poor little Sastre. No offense to Kloden, who clearly earned it, but Sastre was obliged to rise to the unexpected challenge of team leadership on 24 hours notice, and rode so cleanly and beautifully in the mountains and so consistently throughout the entire Tour, that the thought that he would crack so unusually badly in the tt when all he needed was a typical performance and that Kloden would smoke him so badly and take the podium is just heartbreaking. Forza Sastre--you've still got Spain to show 'em all!

However, I *am* happy for Pereiro. The Spanish have been just kneecapped the last few weeks (even if it's largely their own fault), and it's nice to have some good news for them ahead of what will seem like a both tainted and decimated Vuelta (from afar, as I believe OLN won't carry it again over the comparative ratings blockbuster of some stupor-inducing bass-fishing tournament), and of course, I always love an underdog. Yay Oscar! And by the way, Phonak was still right to give him the mileage in the breakaway.

Meanwhile, I would love Horner to live up to his promise of last day last year and take the stage, but I suppose I can't have everything. Like dear little Sastre, on the podium, where he belongs. Dammit!


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