Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dammit, dammit!

Yep, it's Floyd. I'm hoping that if it's a natural testosterone that the fluctuation is simply a reflection of ordinary bodily ups and downs (as much as any pro cyclist's capabilities are "ordinary"), but if not, then I'm starting to think that I give the hell up. Let's just line 'em all up at the start with a hand mirror, a razor blade, a little straw, and a vial of whatever the hell they want to take that day each, and let 'em snarf away in the open so we can be completely confident they're all equally doped and the best man (or woman) is actually going to win. But I continue to hope that some rider and some race will prove me wrong. Somebody? Anybody?

And yes, if this is true, the sheer stupidity of it--whether it's just Floyd, Lelangue, Phonak or any and all in combination--is mind-boggling. Not that I want anybody to pass a doping control that they shouldn't, and of course things are going to slip under the radar when they're new, but these clowns couldn't figure out how to pass a test with whatever they're using in the off-season before the hounds are let out?

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