Saturday, May 30, 2015

*Now* Who's Your Team Leader, !$%^&*!: The Road to Milan Gets Ugly #giro

Mean Girls 3: The Peloton: well, we learned a lot at the Giro d'Italia today, kids, particularly in the post-stage interviews: (1) *don't* try to pull that backstabbing grandstanding Team Sky Froome-Wiggins show-off !@#$ when we've already let you take two stages, or we'll call you back to the team car for a smack upside the head, a delegation to Contador-nursing duties, and a forced watch of yer team captain as he sails past you for the win whether you could've beat him there again or not; (2) Landa's definitely not about to go sending Contador flowers after their time on the course together but Alberto's a lot more discreet about yapping about it; and (3) I don't know what the hell was with all the Tinkoff-Saxo pacemaking being intentionally, and bizarrely, spent on the flats, but even the mighty Contador is completely !@#$ed for the Tour de France unless he can manage to make a de facto support team outta Sky, Movistar, and Astana *again*. Still, everyone's *really* happy with the race results and with each other--hell, Tinkoff hasn't even sworn publicly to beat down Contador for not taking a stage win to prove he deserved that maglia rosa and for humiliating him with a hydration bonk on the final mountain stage! I still wouldn't turn yer back on him at the post-race party tomorrow though, Alberto--even Oleg can't remember to tweet *everything*!

P.S. Did anyone else misread that cyclingnews quote as saying "Tinkov jubilantly punching the air *and* the photographers," and not even question whether that could actually be accurate?

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