Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In Which I Read That Damn CIRC Report, So You Don't Have To #circ

1. Alberto Contador--too darn cute to prosecute!

2. Hein Verbruggen & Pat McQuaid: love means never having to say "you're guilty."

3. 20%, 90%, who cares? It couldn't possibly be the guys who are winning now!

4. Dr. Michele Ferrari--good !@#$. Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes--the *really* good !@#$.

5. Mmmm, Mmmm, Omerta!

6. Systemic team doping: out. Individual members comprising entire teams who totally coincidentally use the exact same team doctors, products, and doping regimens: in.

7. Corticosteroids: such total bull!@#$ even *we* can't justify these guys using 'em. Wait, *who's* still taking them?

8. Lab Equipment: so what if it hasn't been updated since 1976?

9. The Biological Passport: I didn't know how much I *could* get away with until you told me. Thanks, guys!

10. Crashes: not just for Tyler Farrar anymore. It's the drugs, too!

11. Lance Armstrong: yep. Still an !@#$^%$!

12. Brian Cookson: he can't be doing any worse than *those* !@#$in' clowns!

Well, I'm humbled and delighted if that's two hours outta your lives I just saved you, my dear readers--now, with Paris-Nice and Tirreno on hand, it's time to get back to the races!

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