Saturday, June 29, 2013

Total Chaos !@#$shit at the Tour! #tdf

Damn, I thought this'd be about the normal little twitchy crashes that ceremoniously start of the Tour, like Chris Froome going down within a k and mercifully unhurt and Johnny "Barbed Wire" Hoogerland hitting the tarmac agains--no, the Orica Greenedge bus whams into the finishing banner, the race organizers call the new end of the race at 3k, which turns out to be immediately after a freakin' roundabout, the teams immediately recalibrate their strategy, they start crashing all over the place, the team bus gets backed out, the end of the race is back at the original line, the teams start crashing all over the place again, Contador's hurt, Sagan's really ripped up, Cav's hurt, Greipel has a mechanical, they neutralize the times because they were within 3k of the 3k mark, there's like 2 lead-out guys left, Kittel takes it, gendarmes are gesticulating all over the place, and no one *still* knows what the hell what happened, what's going on, and which 3 people in the entire Tour de France and supporting organization even have a job by the time I'm finished typing this. And did I mention that a sweet Euskaltel boy is in the mountains jersey? Jeez louise and holy !@#$, what a morning!

Here, a quick replay:

And from Rosemary (thanks!):


PJ said...

I am a Contador fan and hope he is ok. It's time for another Contador win. What a messy and strange 1st stage.

Rosemary said...

I was watching Eurosport live with Sean Kelly and Carlton Kirby. Let's just say Kirby made it more on edge. Crazy stuff.

I found a video of it. The video poster switched to Sporza 1/2 way through the video.

racejunkie said...

Welcome back PJ! Looks like your Alberto's ok. Thanks Rosemary, I posted your video link!

PJ said...

I've been following you. Love your posts.