Monday, February 06, 2012

Off With His 'Ead: Alberto Contador Is Guilty!

Y'know, the world has come up with some pretty sick !@## punishments over the years-- drawing-and-quartering, Iron Maidens, sticking your head in stocks on the public square and letting the populace throw rotten vegetables at you--but for my money, the worst punishment of all has got to be, not CAS's two-year ban and retroactive stripping of results for Alberto Contador's poz for clenbuterol, but sentencing the poor doping sod to two straight years of listening to Pat "Dick" McQuaid's perpetual and obnoxious crowing of bringing a legendary champion that he doesn't like down. Damn, that monstrous harpy's shrieking would make me wish I'd given Andy Schleck the Tour he-also-unfairly-attacked-Alberto-in-but-inexplicably-got-a-pass-for too! Anyway, more to come of course (!@#$in' "day job!), but important statements have already been issued in the case, with Pat "Dick" keepin' it real with a simple singsong "ha ha!", and CAS stating, "There, we don't look like such *ussies now, do we!"


Jez Andrews said...

I can't believe I'm about to put this......but I think that Contador has been made an example of and at the end of the day the amount of clenbutenol was just tiny. I'm not sure justice has been achieved here. Just a target to make the the UCI look like they are acting against drugs in sport.

.....and Armstrong getting away with his case........don't get me started!

You manage to always find such cheesy photos of alberto. You can almost see the sparkle in his teeth........(shiver down my spine).....see you soon alberto, by all accounts!!

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