Sunday, October 03, 2010


Right *On*, You Big Lug!: yes indeedy, our dear poll-ees who picked "wrong again, nimrod" were right--I hardly dared hope for it, I was frankly still a little peeved over his earlier-season press-smack to Sastre, and I didn't seeing it coming over Gilbert's smashing Vuelta form anyway. So my bad, and Thor's great--here's how it played out!

The Post-Race: and here's our big happy puppy weighing in:

A Cartoon Tribute: heck, even the Saturday morning kids' tv shows saw it coming 'way back in '66 before the Thormeister was even born:

And, In Other, Scuzzbucket Cycling News: aw, who gives a !@#$--let's us cycling fans just enjoy the moment for once!

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Rosemary said...

That was awesome!!! I had to stay off the computer until I watched the coverage on Universal Sports so not to spoil the action.

I guess that's one way to not wear argyle next year.