Sunday, April 26, 2009

You *Suck*,!

Aaaaaaiiiigggghhhh! (Spoiler): you *blow*,! Here I am, enjoying my "live" coverage of the fabulous Liege-Bastogne-Liege, happily watching baby Schleck smile for the cameras as he's within 2k of the line with an unbeatable lead and indignantly wondering if I am the only person in the world who for once wanted to grab a fistful of doped-up syringes and collectively jam them in the !@#es of the lame disorganized numbnutted chase group to at least get them acting like it would be interesting to win or hell even halfway try to contest the race, when with 1k to go the picture entirely freezes up into a still photograph and I have to hear the race organizers describe in minute detail how little Schleck has all the time in the world to zip up his jersey give a victory salute come triumphantly across the line and, not incidentally, like half a freakin' hour to climb into the team bus for a nice massage and get back to the hotel for a nap before the picture unfreezes just in time to watch the rest of the boys straggle in after I've already heard what order they're in. What the hell,! We are in the absolute dead zone of cycling coverage here in the US, we're clearly ready to sell off excess body parts to raise money for the privilege of paying out the hoo-ha to get it, !@#dammit pay some chump with a videocamera charging on a stallion alongside the group as a backup if you !@#$ing well have to and don't lose us within like 20 yards of the finish line!

Thank you. And kindly don't even *think* of allowing this stupidity to happen during the Giro.




Potatohead said...

My free RTE3 feed via was uninterrupted and the picture qulaity was great.

Tom said...

Every time I halfway consider shelling out for cycling TV, I hear about problems. Part of me is dying to have it. Part of me rebels at the thought of paying for an unreliable service. And I'm cheap, so the rebels usually win.

Mary said...

Yeah, I occasionally flirt with the idea of shelling out money to support a cycling feed. But, since there are so many free feeds - and I actually LIKE to watch while listening to a non-English announcer! - I just have not seen the need yet. This way if my feed freezes up or drops away entirely, I'm not too distraught.

(Check out for all the links to feeds!)

Bibliotron said...

After last years Giro I will never use again, it was worthless. Best of luck trying to get it to work for you, I'm sticking to the Norwegian coverage from NLK.

grimid said...

I concur. I ponied up for awhile and got psyched to watch the Giro, Vuelta, etc. whilst jamming on the trainer or XC-machine.

Of course, I got a lot of down time from said pursuits as I punched various buttons on the computer, rebooted it, cursed at it, and so on.

I finally got PO'ed enuff to cancel my subscription...oh, wait, there's not a cancel button or page or anything. They claim there is, but I'll be covered in honey & tied to an anthill if I could find it.

After 2 years of emailing them to try and get them to cancel my subscription, I finally got the bright idea to cut them off where it hurts - Paypal.