Monday, January 12, 2009

Charity Drive!

Let's Give Rock Racing Our Extra Bikes for Christmas: all right, having merely mourned the impending passing of Rock Racing, it finally occurred to me that if I really care I oughta actually spring into action about it, so here's what I propose: yep, as you wily readers of headers will guess, Let's Give Rock Racing Our Extra Bikes for Christmas (TM)! (Okay, it's several weeks late, but like anyone gives their nearest'n'dearest presents for Presidents' Day?)

Why our bikes? Because while one could reasonably assume a pro rider's got some pretty sweet rides in his stable, if Rock's flat out of its own bikes, I imagine the boys won't be allowed to use, say, their old logo-d Phonak gear without the ex-sponsors going all wingnut or, worse, litigious. And what better way to thank 'em for those many springs and summers of awe-inspiring sporting entertainment, and the thousands of unsung hours of excruciating training that preceded 'em, than by handing over our own handsome steeds?

Now, lest anyone think I won't put my money where my mouth is, I've got a beautiful red 1997 Gary Fisher Tassajara (with bitchin' panniers included even, for those times when a scrawny little musette just won't do!) with some lucky rider's name on it. Sure, it's a mountain bike frame, it's like four inches high, it weighs six hundred pounds, I had to hack half the handlebars off it to accommodate my wee little hands--but beats walkin' your !@# up a queen stage, right?

Now, I would've suggested we collect mechanics, since I hear they're lacking those too, but some stupid UN declaration apparently puts the kibosh on human trafficking. Anyone got, say, an extra Park bottle opener lying around instead?


Cycling Fan said...

I want to win this contest so don't enter:

strbuk said...

How about we send them our old power gels and stuff like that? I have a Cliff bar I just found from 2003 they can have!! BWAAHHHHAAAHHHAAA!!!!


mindtron said...
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Anonymous said...

I think rock may need a donate button pronto on their website.

cyclignnews reports that if they don't put rider salary guarantees in the bank by 4pm mtn time, they won't be getting a UCI license this year.