Monday, April 02, 2007

Most Gentlemanly!

Points Jersey: has not only fixed its problem with the Prijs Vlaanderen coverage this weekend, but also very kindly and sincerely apologized for same despite my distinctly indiscreet rant about the loss of my coverage, as well as explaining their difficulties in coverage of the Giro--much appreciated, and I, too, apologize for my vitriol. UCI, ASO--anything you boys want to say to Unibet in the same spirit of earnest mea culpas, while we're at it?

Napoleon Dynamite: yep, the French are at it again, this time refusing pointless-tool-o'-vengeance's--but not Astana's--entry into the beautiful, and prestigious, Dauphine-Libere. Why? Of course, it's the unfortunate legal prohibition against teams from gambling enterprises competing on French soil, which poor hands-tied ASO can do nothing about, unless it happens to be any of the other ProTour gambling-sponsored outfits to whom they mysteriously won't apply the rules. Meantime, fearing also the denial of their entry into such no-name, no-status races as Liege-Bastogne-Liege and the Tour de France, Unibet has absolutely had it, giving up on ASO entirely and appealing directly to UCI to take some action on this whole sordid matter instead. They did, Unibet, don't you recall? They sold you down the river so every other ProTour team but you could ride their beloved Paris-Nice! What more do you want for your 8 gazillion euros, you whiners?

A Call to Arms(trong): in US cycling news, the poor nascent Tour of Utah's been cancelled for lack of funds, despite much interest from bereft US riders and both US pro cycling fans. Come on, Lance Armstrong, you're the most famous cyclist this country's ever known (sorry, we love Greg LeMond)! It's been almost 2 years in this short-attention-span media-sucking society since your last race and thanks to your high-profile Star Magazine speed-dating everyone still knows who you are--why aren't you out raising more money for this thing instead of dithering about contemplating a competitive life in speed skating? Help out your own here, for heck's sake!

Swim for It!: And finally, in highly amusing doping news, Dick "Dick" Pound's WADA has righteously decried the "serious breach of confidentiality" in leaking Ian "the Thorpedo"'s name and alleged doping to L'Equipe. Indeed, our noble friends at WADA are "especially shocked that the name of an athlete was given to the media" when there's been no clear positive test. Ummmm....Basso? Vino? Ullrich? Pretty much the entirety of Liberty Seguros? Anyone else see any inconsistency here? What asses. My advice: ditch the bikes, get down to your skivvies, and hit the water, boys--it's your only chance for justice from these gross bloated hypocrites!

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