Monday, April 20, 2015

On Being on a Bike Tour in Mallorca with a Rarin' Pack of Aussies: So Why Do *You* Ride? #whyyouride

Okay, to be precise, by "being on a bike tour" I mean "chillin' in the van watching the astonishing landscape sprint by while a pack of crazy Aussies and Americans actually ride these ginormous mountains", but I was being there all the same, and since I was asked to and I promised I would I ask: so why do *you* ride? Companionship? Fitness? Personal challenge? The perfect communion of person and machine? Slightly disconcerting sheer love of the pain cave? Me, I ride to go get truly superlative ice cream. So...what's your excuse?

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Red and white rider said...

Well, I ride to be the sketch artist's subject as I struggle up some obscure mountain track in Mallorca. Nice job sketching and helping out! Great picture of the lighthouse as well, Caitlin. That was an incredibly beautiful and thrilling ride.