Friday, October 27, 2006

Total F@#!ing Hypocrisy

It's On!: So looking at the 2007 Tour de France route, can we all agree once and for all that the rabid antidoping fervor of WADA, UCI, the ProTour and the race organizers is complete and total bullshit? Stages 7 through 9 are Alps mountain stages. Stages 14-16 slaughter the riders in the Pyrenees. Stage 7: 197km and the Col de la Colombiere. Stage 8: 165 km and 4 long, hard SOBs. Stage 9: 161km and the Col d'Iseran followed by slogs up the Telegraphe and a finish up the Galibier. From here on out, it only gets steeper. Stage 14: 197 km and the Plateau de Beille. Stage 15: 196 km, 4 more badasses before the 7.8% gradient Col de Peyresourde. And thank God there's a rest day, cause it's Stage 16 with 218 freakin' km with a finish up Col d'Aubisque. 21 hors category, Cat 1 and Cat 2 climbs. 2 days to gasp for air in your stuffy hotel room.

You total f@#$ing hypocrites! If you guys really don't want doping, why the hell are you are doing this? Because in a mountain stage it's all moneymaking ratings obliteration, and in a sprint stage, it only shakes out in the last kilometer, so what advertiser-targets (except me) are interested in watching that crap for 6 hours? Look, it's true that these guys are doing on asphalt and doctor-calibrated nutritional intake what the riders used to do on crap dirt roads, a slug of wine, and the occasional cigarette. But now, with so much sponsor and TV money at stake, the organisers don't just want it done. They want it done with drama, with leg-crushing attacks up the Alps and reckless descents down the Pryrenees, field-splitting camera-friendly breakaways on impossible cols, gossipworthy personal rivalries between a media-manageable gropu of select movie-star superhumans, and if they gotta have sprints, breathtakingly dangerous rain-slicked slugfests at top speed to the line. Well, you got it race organizers, and it costs. There's a limit to how much Red Bull these guys can consume before the juice runs out. What the hell do you expect them to do?!

Of course it'll be an exciting Tour, and of course we'll watch. But I'm disgusted. You don't want racers not doping, you want them not getting caught. Shut the hell up with the empty rhetoric already, and accept the consequences of what you've chosen to create. You want integrity from the racers? Lay off the pressure to whore themselves to your and your sponsors' ridiculous expectations, and lead the way!

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