Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Yer Tirreno-Adriatico In Review!

Yes, it's over, for this year. And there's a loooong season to come. But aside from being beautiful in its own right, it's still a hell of a bellwether, and there's valuable lessons to be learned ahead of the Classics and Grand Tours, so let's review!

1. Not to impugn Alberto Contador's hard off-season training or his impeccable purity in any way whatsoever, but comparing last season to this, if I were the narcs, I'd be pokin' that kid fuller of holes than a Sky mesh skinsuit. Jeez, Bjarne, at least stop the ostentatious braggin' for Chrissakes!

2. Speaking of whom, watching Alberto blaze up that 30% incline and bust open the race has got to be making Andy Schleck *nuts*.

3. If pure climber Nairo Quintana can keep time trialing as well as he did today, some other folks better start training a hell of a lot harder for the Giro.

4. Nice to see Cav win, eh? 'Course, we all know what he'd've done to Renshaw and Petacchi if he hadn't!

5. Adam Hansen and Ben King. *Damn!*

6. Roman Kreuziger is clearly capable of winning a Grand Tour. So what's Oleg gonna do about it?

7. Michal Kwiatkowski. *Damn*!

8. The whole fur-meister beard thing. Am I the only one worried for these boys that in that a sport where multi-day stage races can be won or lost in seconds, those things seem just a *wee* bit too un-aerodynamic?

Anyway, congrats Alberto, watch out Kittel 'cause Cavendish ain't dead yet, and Froomey, you might quite rightly be the overwhelming fave for July, but just in case, get your !@# in *gear*!


PJ said...

Thanks for the video. I am still a big Contador fan. And a fan of this blog. Good work.

racejunkie said...

Thank you PJ. And I hope you don't take it personally when I'm tough on your boy Alberto--I love him too!