Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Armstrong Question: Should They or Shouldn't They?

Yes, cycling fans, I'll get to the Worlds, but before we even find out if Thor Hushovd is gonna kick !@# for a second year in a row or whether he's gonna intentionally hang back in an excess of modesty and graciously let some undeserving schnook take the stripes instead (shut up!), here's the question of the day: as the Italians accuse you-know-who of using a sham company to discreetly funnel money to old "social friend" Michele Ferrari in exchange for a damn thorough doping regime, should the narcs continue pursuing Lance Armstrong, or shouldn't they? Okay, Lance's time--and that glorious period of hero-worship, genuine naivete, and unimpeachable faith--has passed. So I get it--in a way, what the hell's the point? But for my money, if yer gonna sic a slobbering pack of PR goons on your every real or imagined enemy, get yer nemeses kicked permanently outta yer favorite beer haunts (horrors!), and call everyone who halfway dares to cross you a cheater, liar, druggie, betrayer, scumball and general puppy-kicker, I say, game on, you smug punk-!@# bully! Y'know, there's your own personal omerta'--and really, can one *so* despise, say, an Ullrich who, knowing exactly who gets taken down and who oughta be but isn't, at least only destroys himself with his denials?--and there's bull!@#$ing *and* punishing the guys who--for their own selfish and messy and noble and regretful reasons, so let's not fake they're saints either--call you on it. Oh well, at least we know there was no doping at the Tour de France *this* year--the *rest* of those (alleged!) miscreants were all riding the Vuelta!


Jez Andrews said...

It would seem that in order to have a clean peleton and bring an end to the bad reputation of drugs taking cyclists, they would just stop bother testing them. There you go. No one must be clean. Perhaps I'm a bit of sceptic!

Aww bully boy. Yes that reminds me of my favourite saddle as used by Filippo Simeoni, with lance Armstrongs smug cheesy face on it.

I'm sure there must be a market for that kind of thing?!

Rosemary said...

JA - I hadn't seen the Filippo “Die Lance Die” Simeoni’s fizik saddle before. But thanks to your comment and a the power of the Internet, I am enlightened.

Jez Andrews said...

Pleased to have enlightened you. I'd really like to think he still rides that saddle!