Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trashy Gossip, and a Mea Culpa Sorta

Jan Ullrich Contract Watch: Hmmm...now rumored to be in "serious talks" with a couple of teams (assuming that's not just more desperate propaganda from interested parties); may imminently get a new Swiss racing license; successfully court-thumped Werner Franke today on his appeal of his injunction against yapping about Jan allegedly paying Dr. Fuentes 35k euro a year for dope; and just back from over a week of training with unjust-T-Mobile-throwaways/primo Astana catches/old pals Andreas Kloden and Matthias Kessler, neither of whom should be screwing around at this point in the season. It can't be Astana though, even aside from the obscene amount of money they'd suddenly have to find in an already (worthily) overstuffed budget. I mean, Vinokorouv would have to personally gack up an apology to Manolo Saiz for all his high-horse Bible-thumping if he was gonna take on that big an alleged career felon, right?

Beach Blanket Blitzkreig: In his latest assault against tyranny, Floyd Landis is apparently set to publish his new book "Positively False" over the summer. Oh, Floyd. Must we go through this *again*? Play your cards right, get over your martyr complex (fairly earned, as I hope it is, or not), ditch responsiblity for everything onto your lawyers like Basso, and exonerated or not in the worst case scenario you can be back riding the Grand Tours in two years a la Tyler Hamilton, only at a much better age. So stop it!--just stop it!

The Tifosi's Lament: It has come to my attention that the more sensitive among us, far from furtively enjoying the ongoing National Enquireresque three-ring sleazefest that is the latest round of doping allegations to discredit this beautiful sport, are genuinely in mourning over the whole thing, and actually would prefer to hear about, you know, actual riders actually riding their bikes. In deference to such delicate sensibilities, and to the fact that I swear it's the reason I started following cycling in the first place, I hereby swear I will devote my next post (for the two or so faithful readers who might care) to the noble endeavor of racing itself. So please, no disgusting revelations from the peloton for at least the next five minutes, all right, boys? Much appreciated!

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