Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So more riders are weighing in on the doping controls, and while most wholeheartedly endorse "Doping Bad!", not a one of 'em is saying "DNA Testing Good!" Notably, Bettini thinks it the sort of thing one requires of serial killers; jailbait Giro champ/newlywed Damiano Cunego opines the whole thing ought to wait until Operacion Puerto shakes itself out (the apparent impotence of which, I imagine,'ll just make the racers say there's no need for it after all anyway--smart boy that Cunego); and, future grand tour champ/just about the only Spaniard in the peloton not implicated in OP claims the entire damn thing is ridiculous and asks "if we agree to that, what next? Lowering our pants prior to the start?" Don't give those nits at UCI any more ideas unless you're ready to smile for the camera, Alejandro! Of course, if they are gonna start looking for testosterone patches, this does beg the question of what unfortunate officials gonna have to go searching for 'em; on the other hand, hey, that oughta liven up the TV ratings!

Merde!: I see Cofidis' Philippe Gaumont has formally copped to winning just one race cleanly in his entire career. You sure you want to stick to that earnest story about only doping 3 times in your entire career before Gaumont blows that dubious assertion up in your face, Millar? Even beter, Gaumont's hands-on-the-syringe supplier was none other than the French cycling fed's current doctor, notably in charge these days of rider cleanliness. Sweet! You just can't make this stuff up. And, in yet another humiliation for the emasculated French, their own prosecutors have just dropped the LA Confidentiel doping allegations against Lance Armstrong. 7 years of whining about Lance, 0 vengeance--well done France!

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